Singkawang Landscape

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I have a chance to shoot landscape with Mr. Jomandi Loka and Mr. Bobby Bong, This is my first time ever I shoot Singkawang Landscape, even it's a very limited time (3 days it's not enough) not counting on a rainy overcasted day, I really feel it's not enough... I will be back...
I'm very enjoying my time shooting landscape with them, hopefully will photographing again with them in the future. It's such an honour to shoot with them, it's a masterclass session...

 Mr. Jomandi Loka

Ok, Day1, I went to hidden landscape spot in Singkawang, It's an Ex Gold Mine outskirt of Singkawang town, you can see it on google earth. That's landscape is made of a destroyed forrest...well  We go there early in the morning to shoot startrails.... I wasn't have my remote shutter release with me.... but I manage to got my startrails shoot anyway.

 Mr. Bobby Bong 
  Mr. Jomandi Loka
   Mr. Bobby Bong
It's me, Photo Taken by Mr. Bobby Bong

On Mornig Day2, We went to a beach. I forgot where is it, since it's a new location. We got there early morning to shot start trails... without a remote release and  my photo fails because of shake :(....

On Day 3 afternoon.....it's a overcasted day...
So we went to a place call "Taman Eria"...so we go there to bath, and shoot some rivers stream and some macros.
  Family of Mr. Bobby Bong

Ok... See you next time.. :D well it's seems my photo are getting blurred,  I cannot do nothing about it, it's the blogger autoresizer, if you feel the image quality is low, just click on the pic and you will see unresized photo.


Singkawang's Midnight Hours

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My hometown is called Singkawang, it's a remote town in West Kalimantan in Borneo Island in Indonesia. This town is mostly lived by the Hakka Chinese Tribe, I'm also a Hakka decendant, so people here are the pork eater. He he he..
Last month I pay a short visit to Singkawang because my maternal grandfather past away, with so little time to spend there, so in the midnight me and my childhood good friend Mr. Jan Sin went to pork market to see how it look like ...

Above is the Famous Singkawang Pork Market "cu nyiuk thu" look like in the daylight... Honestly I don't recognize it at first, because it was renovated and improved...and below is the situation at midnight....
This Man above is the caretaker of the pork market, somesort of coordinator he claimed, I forgot his name, but he tell me a lot of stories maybe histories of this pork market.

The pork was ready on the seller table before midnight it was slaughtered in a slaughter house away from this pork market. Everyday Singkawang people consume average of 30 pigs in this pork market alone, not counted pork that sold outside from this pork market.

In the past...After the selling ends in the afternoon there are ussualy a traditional dice gambling called "liung fu" was played here among the butcher inside this pork market. I don't know it now these days are still played  or not..

There are many legendary stories here.. If you want to know more about this legendary pork market what have happen there just pay a visit there when you are in Singkawang town.

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