The Wyvern - Indonesian J-Rock Band

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This episode, is about a rock music band, a J-rock or Japan Rock Band called "Wyvern". I have shoot them in their rehersal in a tiny music studio at Pondok Gede outskirt Jakarta for a magazine publication.

 This band play their music at it's best, you can read about their full profile here.

In summary, The Wyvern band they consist of:

紅羽 (Kureha) - Vocal

とし (Toshi) - Guitar

ケル (Keru) - Guitar

水龍 (Mizuryuu) - Bass

暗土龍 (Andoryuu) - Drum



I have fun time shooting them... . thanks to the manager wiwin who invited me and get me a chance to do this shoot.. also thanks for the rest of the band... YOU ROCK!
well, so let's start from the studio....


After the rehersal... they getting ready for the next shoot at the bassist home.. they getting make up, costum, they are transforming to the real Wyvern.....And I have to transform the small living room to a temporally photo studio...


Let me Introduce you to "Wyvren" coolest Indonesian J-Rock ...


Do you think they have the look of an upcoming superstar rock band. I have confidence they will become one someday...Okhay folks that's it see you next time....in the next episode... thanks again to the wyvern and the gang.


Naruto and Friends in Animonster Sound 2010

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Did you ever seen a Naruto? I met them all, at Mall Ciputra in Animonster Sound 2010 festival. And I had a happy shutter clicking party with Naruto and Friends hahaha... Not even Naruto, there are Kamen Riders, Inuyasha and..er... what else???  it's just many many anime superhero and i can't name them all ..he he.. Anyway...
There are alot of youngster playing "CosPlay" or costum play. They are mimicking their anime manga super hero by dressing up like one. I take a lot of portraits, i can't resist not to take their portraits, they are so inspired with their idol, their mangga hero,  if you portray them, then you can feel it. It is more important than the dresses and custom they wore, Mangga Anime hero are inside them. that's what I tried to portray that day...Anime Mangga Hero inside them, thru their eyes you can see them.

Above photo is a Mecha Gatot Kaca, Gatot Kaca is an Indonesian Legendary Myth Hero, Now this gentleman are depicting him in a Mechanical Battle Robo Suit. This guy has won a first place. 

There are also some cool J-rock band performance, some of them are really talented musician. and they also play with their Soul....

A group of Heroes... and in the left is the smallest participant in this animonster sound 2010 cosplay competition.

A fight at the backstage between the Robots and a photographer. :D

And the winner is become an Idol to the people backstage, they are on the Q to take a picture with the Mecha Gatot Kaca.. :D
Well...Ok Folks that's it for this episode see you next time...

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