Barrack Obama

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Last night me and my girl went to Pejaten Village in southern Jakarta, for attending the award  and exhibition  of "Potret Pendidikan Indonesia" by National Geographic Indonesia, and Putera Sampoerna Foundation. Luckily, My photo was selected as one frrom among the 38 honourable mention winners for the general category from about 2500 entry photos.

Well so what to do with the title Obama anyway, um...I took a seat in the back, and I saw a man that I thought I have seen it before in TV, wow I have not mistaken it's the Mr. President of The United State, Barrack Hussein Obama. Woohoo! Snap! In your dream only if you can meet a President of America in 5 feet away from you. Ha Ha! It's not Barrack Obama, He is Ilham Anas, The most famous Barrack Obama Look A Like person from Indonesia. So can't Ressit of Taking a Potrait of him, and he agree too, so here it is.

My girl take a picture of me with Mr.Ilham "Barrack Obama" Anas, And She can't resist also wanted to take pose with Barrack Obama :D.

A couple of close up potrait of "Mr. Brrack Obama"...

In this last photo I got lucky again, This is the shoot of the day, I love this one, why? because There are other Photog also taking picture of him also, they using a pop up flash from their camera, and I got a catch light for his eye in 1/200 second chance hehe... Well do you agree now? That he is very look a like with Mr. President Barrack Obama?

Okhay folks...So that's it see you next time...


Jakarta Flood

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Now it's December, it's rainy season in Indonesia, when it come to the keyword "rain" people in Jakarta will asociate it with flood. A night long rain will cause Jakarta in chaos in the morning, the city will almost shut down, grid locks will make Jakarta traffic unaccessible.

I have recorded few pictures of Jakarta flood around my neighborhood in Tanjung Duren area in West Jakarta or Jakarta Barat, on 2008 it all happen with a Heavy rain and thunder storm in one night...
I was capturing a lot of lighting picture that night. I will post a blog about lighting in the future..
Later on on the morning... the rain still continues...The sky was so dark...

I met a Photog during the hunt, his name is Andy Makkawarru He is a Profesionall Photographer.

The Grid Lock continues till night, Next morning Jakarta's Polution sky is washed clean by the rain, I can see a Mountain from my place. And the street are all dry  just leaving the trash and mud all over the place. well that's it.. see you next time..


Bendungan Hilir Street Hunt

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I have been a bad blogger recently, I have broken my commitment to update this blog on a regular basis. well it's just because I have to do extra job, I have been building a website, a fashion online webshop.  please check it out and give me some inputs.

Well a little bit out of the topic, so... last month I have joining a street hunting with photogs from Photo District Jakarta, I was invited by Mr, Thomas Apitzsch  (his bio here). And the location was at Bedungan Hilir Road, believe me or not I have never been there before. The place was a traditional place in the middle of Jakarta Metropolitan.

So Here's the pictures...a little touch of reality..

Well, I was theming myself to shoot colour, erm... you know? just look for the colours, but later on I changed my mind to shoot in Black and white, becauseI felt it is better to do it in journalistic style suits better in this area.


Well That's it, The Bra Seller End this episode. :D Hopefully I update blog in a near future.

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