Demonstration on Bank Century's Scandal

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Well, I was on my way to the JHCC to visit an "FOCUS" exhibition on 3 March 2010, but I never reach JHCC ... I was distracted by the demonstration in front of parliament house... sigh...maybe tommorow (sunday) I get there to buy a discount bluetooth mouse..
  People are only allowed to do demonstration outside the perimeter, outside the barb wire area, the demonstrator wants to get inside the parliament house, so they passing the barb wire and force the gate open by shaking them with their hands..
  The demonstrator leader was advice not to do that, or provoke any kind of force during the demonstration, the demonstration leader was not give up ... he gather more people in front of the gates.. he spirit them up...to do a peacefull act.. by laying down in front of the gate...
  Some are yelling for the Fight, Some are yelling for the Peace, but there are more people yelling for the Fight, so.. suddenly what happen next is chaos... and police start to open fire with water canon...tear gases..
And the order is restored by the policemen.. demonstrator are evacuated...
Above is a demonstrator who have his forehead smacked with brick by a policeman.. he was not affraid .. and he will continue his struggle to unfold the truth..  
  After the clash... the police sat down and rest, they are singing... by clapping hands..symbolize the order has been restored....and the hawkers is going home...


Singapore's Street Hunt

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I have a chance to street hunt in Singapore last month, it was fun and exhausting, because I have walked from morning till night come. At night I almost cannot walked anymore, but Photographed hundreds of shoots..here is some of them hope you like it.
Me and Verdi went to the "Bodies" Exibition in Clarke Quay... To see things under the our skin...but first check your teeth... are you a smoker?


After roaming the Singapore's street, now I can only wonder when my chaotic country, Indonesia became peacefull like Singapore, everything is in order....everything is convinience...

Okhay see you next time..

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