Hari and Erna Engagement Shoot

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It's been a while that I haven't shoot any couple these days..I really miss the fun of shooting couple.. so today I blog about couple shoot, ermm.. an engagement shoot actually.

This photos is taken by collaborating with my buddy mr Yossie Yono, we were asked to shoot a very super duper low budget engagement photoshoot of Mr Hari and Erna, This Engagement photoshoot was done last year, on various location in Jakarta, like in street of "Kota Tua" and "Menteng Park" where we can shoot without location charges. We also manage to design an engagement photos album for them too... So if you on a low budget, you might contact me and I can work it out for you.

Actually this session is shoot in colour, but later on when I blogging this, I decided it to convert it to black and white..

Pictures appear bellow is half copyrighted by me and half by Mr Yossie Yono.


Happy Eid ul-Fitr

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Wow it's major holiday in Indonesia, it's Idul Fitri Holiday or Eid ul-Fitr Holiday, because majority of people in Indonesia are moeslim, it's the biggest holiday in Indonesia. 
After 30 days fasting in the month of ramadhan, muslim people will conclude their fasting in the last night of ramadhan month, people in Indonesia call it malam takbiran, or night of Takbir. People will go down the street to celebrate. There are drum banging with Takbir praying all the way.

This year of Takbir Night, I went to Tanah Abang area and do some street photography. Tanah Abang is one of the prosperous area in Jakarta. It's the biggest central of garment bussiness in Indonesia. 

Moeslim in Tanah Abang are in Jakarta, banging the drum and pray Takbir till the eid prayer in the early morning. 

Above is the konvoi of street parade in the night of Takbir in Tanah Abang, Jakarta, Indonesia. People, mostly kids will party on the roof of the moving vehicle, also there are a lot of motorcycle, some with thundering sound like harley davidson.   
Fireworks are lit up in the middle of the street causing the traffic to stop for a while. Above, is a man who lit up a huge fireworks with his cigarette and holding it with his bare hand, while the thundering fireworks launched and exploding into the air. People are cheering when the fireworks blast in to a beutiful pyro show.

drum banging is kind a addiction. I think this man has been banging the drum for several hours.

A man tried to lit up fireworks, with a chain of firecrackers exploding behind him.
Hello, "Minal Aidin Wal Faizin"
An firework blast that failed to launch and exploded in the street. 

Above is a man pulling a cart with bare foot while people are partying all the nights with new clothes and new shoes. I think not all of us have this luck to enjoy a happy eid ul-Fitr.

Ok, That's it folks..I wish you a Happy Eid ul-Fitr..


BMX, Street Bike Stunt

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Hello, this time I gonna tell a little about BMX street stunt bike, This photos was taken last year in Kemayoran, Jakarta. This sport is no for sissies, they were flipping  360' in the air.. watching this live is very exciting .. they starts with warms up on the ground, then start speeding up and later on flipping in the air...

 Accident almost happen here.. just an inch from impact... later on..but luckily,nothing happens

 Speeding and Flipping 360' in the air looks like he rides in the space... (-_-') 


Okhay That's it for this time, Stay tune I still got many stories to tell here...

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