Mabua Harley Davidson 2010 Model Launching

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Last Saturday I went to the launching ceremony of 5 new models Harley Davidson motorcycle in XXI ballroom, Jakarta Indonesia. This is another exiting photo shoot session, thanks to my pal, Mr. Yossie Yono who get the clearance for me to shoot inside secured area.

There are 6 new models introduced by the Mabua Harley Davidson Jakarta, the detail and specification of the new bike you can find it here.

The launching of new Harley Davidson 2010 was opened by Jakarta's Governor Mr. Fauzi Bowo, Mr. Frank Albrecht from Harley Davidson Motor Company, and President Director of Mabua Harley Davidson Jakarta, Djonnie Rahmat.





After the performance of Pinkan Mambo, I heard the MC said there are 26 motor cycle have been sold. Phew... Time for the bikers to go home...


Baby Yung Yung Eps. 1

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Yung yung is the cutest baby ever, :D For the first time, she is strunggling to devour a little chump of pear fruit. (is it right?) muahaha.. I'm too lazy to describe here in words, so check out these photos stream...

At last... hahahahaha.......


Wu Family's Potrait

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This is an impromtpu potrait session of Wu family, just before taking off to airport, 5 minutes shoot in natural lights. But it's a little boring with the white background, I try to depict the happy family as they are.  Start with Granny...



Marlboro Red Racing Party

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3rd October 2009, located at Ancol Jakarta, Whoah, this is the coolest party ever, party for the marlboro red racing champions, they will go to the Italy. Those 5 champions are:
  • Ananto Budi Prabowo from Jakarta
  • Lenaldy Nuari G  from Jakarta
  • Eridhani Ekasembada from Semarang
  • Renata from Jakarta
  • Ramadi Satrio Wicaksono form Surabaya
To the champions Congratulations, And special thanks to Yossie Yono for the invitation, The party started at midnight and the music is banging till Dusk, well enough writing here's the images.





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