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Posted by Mathias Japri on 3:19 AM
"The Best Camera Is The One That’s With You"  is a popular quote among photographers, I can assure you it's true. I have been shooting with DSLR or Film for a while, but then I realize, that my Iphone is a very versatile camera i have, because i don't always have DSLR by my side. 

Frankly, I was get excited to digital photography when i bought sony erricsson W850i, a cellphone with a camera. ermm... at that time, at that time a DSLR is cost a fortune, I cannot afford.  BTW I shoot  many many of photos with it. I even shoot macros with a stacked  jewerlly scope.

A daisy shoot from a Sony Erricson W800i stacked with a jewerlly scope.

Soon I have been experimenting  and exploring a lot with phone camera, Once I even convert a Nokia N90i to IR camera, removing then hot screen (IR filter) and adjust the lens to focus macro, since the Nokia n90i camera module is adjustable. For the lighting, I modified a LED Flash light, I change all of the LED to IR, so I got IR Lighting for my IR camera. 

My friend Eye Macro shoot with an IR modified Nokia N90i. 
When I had my fisrt DSLR, I almost never shoot photos with cellphone again. Until Iphone updated IOS with the camera access from the lock screen. I found it very cool that i can access it right away. I even can access the camera with one hand instantly out of the pocket and shoot. It's so versatile that I can shoot in the rain or even when riding a motor bike. 

And then the olloclip arrive, it's a detachable protable lens for iphone,  it gives me all my cellphone camera fantasy come true. And then I got this equation, (Iphone + OlloClip + SnapSeed ) = camera with lenses and a photolab in my pocket. 

Iphone has a 35mm lens, with that angle, i can tell you it's  good  for street photography. All photos below is my portfolio from iphone shoot. hope you enjoy it.

"Eye Of Ra", shoot with an Iphone4s and OlloClip


A man with Buddha's shadow





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